Guild application,

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Guild application,

Post  Ihashorn on Sat May 17, 2008 7:42 am

Name : Martin Hansen

Age: 17

Class: Warrior

Country : Denmark

Skills : Well, i've been playing Warrior for quite a while, first on my friends Alliance Warrior and now my own, I've quite skilled when it comes to tanking which i hope will become handy for the guild Smile

Alts : lvl 1 bank

Profs : mining 375

What time can u raid : 7 days a week

Why you wanna join this guild: I'm the loyal type of player and i like to join a guild and make it better im a team player, I'm prepared for raids and basicly i want to have fun while raiding Smile

how many epics you got: 0 just dinged lvl 70 working on it tho

Specc : 5/5/51

what have you raided before:
Full kz
both bosses in gruul
full ssc ( i have vashj vial on my alliance priest can log it and show you etc etc or armory)
3/4 bosses tk (with kael missing)
4 bosses in za
maggy killed aswell (before the nerf, was back in 2.1 patch i think

My priest is called "Cutil" its a nightelf male priest on a realm called haomarush, which basicly is the char i've used for raiding, tho i rerolled horde 3 weeks ago Smile


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Re: Guild application,

Post  /freakazoid on Sat May 17, 2008 7:45 am

Well i talked to you in-game and you seem like a nice guy. I assume you gear up fast, and given your big aid experience, its a yes from here Smile


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