pikkumasa level 70 warrior

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pikkumasa level 70 warrior

Post  masse on Fri May 16, 2008 4:52 am

Name :Pikkumasa



Country :Finland

Skills :Well i know how to play warrior. Both dps and tank.

Alts :70 rogue,70 hunter,70 shaman

Profs :Mining, Blacksmith (Weaponsmith)

What time can u raid :18.00 server time allmost everyday, on weekends doesnt really matter what time.

Why you wanna join this guild:I want to pve too, now it has only been pvp

how many epics you got:all my weapons, stormherald,dragonstrike and dragonmaw. My shoulders swiftsteel shoulders, neck,and chest.

Specc : Well atm arms, in pve i prefer fury or arms dps. Arms maybe mostly cause it does nice dmg and buffs up others dmg too. I have some tanking gear too, but have been collecting mostly fury/arms gear.

Extra: I had warrior earlier in ravencrest too, but migrated away and exchanged to my friends rogue. With that warrior i was our guild Off-tank. Have tanked hole karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, Ssc and 2 first bosses from Tempest keep eye. So i think i have experience. Also have dps:ed in all of those instances. I got bored my rogue what i exchanged with my friend pretty quickly. Thatswhy i now play warrior again. Iam willing to spec to tank if needed but prefer dps arms or fury doesnt matter, friend of mine who is in desolate told that they only use arms warrior as dps nowdays cause it boosts up more others dmg.

Hope to hear you guys soon

T: pikkumasa


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Re: pikkumasa level 70 warrior

Post  /freakazoid on Sat May 17, 2008 7:59 am

We are in great need of tanks and warriors in common, therefore we would appreciate it if you would respecc to prot. nice experience and dps gear. /w me or Eldani in-game for invite


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